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Plenty of Love and Attention

Your pet’s happiness is our number one priority. During this service, we learn what they like and dislike and always treat them with kindness and patience. And we never charge extra for snuggles - it’s included.

Boarding: Our Services

All Daycare Drop Off's will continue to be at our original location, located at
8144 Robin Hill, Newburgh IN 47630

Boarding: About Us

Our Kennels are 5'X5'

Large enough to keep your fur baby comfortable for their stay here at Woofie Joe's.We even provide cots and blankets in each kennel to keep you babies happy and all tucked in at night.

Boarding: Welcome

Price List For Boarding

One Dog Per Night


 Two Dogs Per Night


Three Dogs Small Dogs Same Kennel Per Night


Medication Fee

$2 a day

Food Bagging Fee Per Day

$1 a day

No Food Fee

$3 per meal

Booking Fee


Boarding: Price List

Our Boarding Policies

All dogs must send proof of vaccination records & come in for a two hour assessment before they are allowed to book with our facility. Areas evaluated are socialization, aggression, kennel stability, anxiety. 

Vaccine records must be sent in advance of assessment & or Boarding Stay.

  • Distemper

  • Bordetella (recommended to be vaccinated 30 days prior to stay)

  • Rabies

  • Flea protection is recommended. (Not collar type)

    • Flea collars are recommended to be taken off during the stay. When dogs play it’s an easy target as they do not buckle. We are not responsible for lost or chewed flea collars.

During check in your pet will be evaluated for sores, injuries, fleas, etc. If your pet has fleas, you will be charged an additional $40.00 for a flea bath. If your pet has any medical condition noticeable, we reserve the right to have your vet sign off on their stay and if your pet has any of these symptoms do not bring them to daycare.

  •  Coughing, Sneezing, Diarrhea, Open sores, & Recent surgery.

We do not house any aggressive dogs. If your pet becomes aggressive during their stay, you will be contacted, and other arrangements will need to be made and your pet picked up as soon as possible.

To hold your pups boarding reservation you will need pay a $50 Deposit that goes towards your boarding.

If you are wanting your pup groomed prior to going home you must schedule that when you schedule the boarding dates 

Cots, blankets, bowls are provided.

We are not responsible for the destruction of your personal items if you choose to bring your pet’s own supplies.

Food must be packaged in individual ziplock baggies for each meal of their stay. Example 5 nights they would need 9 baggies of food. 

If a pet runs out of food or opts to use our food an additional $3 per day will be charged.

If you do NOT bag your pup's food prior to dropping them off, we charge a $1 per day for bagging your pup's food.

Medication must be in the original bottle & we charge a $2 a day fee for medications.

All boarding dogs are encouraged to be here by 3 P.M. This gives them enough time to adjust, potty, run out energy before their overnight stay. Less barking and anxiety leaves a better experience for all guests.

The Absolute latest you can drop off for boarding is 5:00PM

Boarding: Text


If this is your first time at Woofie Joe's please do not book online. We will need to have your pet come in for an assessment to ensure that they are a good fit for our establishment.
Please call us to make an appointment. 812-853-9352

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Regular Attenders

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