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Come Pawty with us!

Our dedicated staff works hard to make sure your pet feels comfortable and relaxed. Whether it’s their first Daycare experience, or they’re seasoned regulars, their wellbeing is central to everything we do.

Daycare: Our Services

All Daycare Drop Off's will continue to be at our original location located at
8144 Robin Hill, Newburgh IN 47630

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Price List For Daycare

Daycare: Price List


Full Day One Dog


Full Day Two Dogs


Full Day Three Dogs


Half Day (5 hours or less)

Our Daycare Policies

All dogs must send proof of vaccination records & come in for a two hour assessment before they are allowed to book with our facility. Areas evaluated are socialization, aggression, kennel stability, anxiety. 

Vaccine records must be sent in advance of assessment & or daycare.

Distemper, Bordetella, & Rabies

During check in your pet will be evaluated for sores, injuries, fleas, etc. If your pet has fleas, you will be charged an additional $40.00 for a flea bath. If your pet has any medical condition noticeable, we reserve the right to have your vet sign off on their stay and if your pet has any of these symptoms do not bring them to daycare.

  •  Coughing, Sneezing, Diarrhea, Open sores, & Recent surgery.

We do not house any aggressive dogs. If your pet becomes aggressive during his stay, you will be contacted and other arrangements will need to be made and your pet picked up as soon as possible.

Flea protection is recommended. (Not collar type) Flea collars are recommended to be taken off during the stay. When dogs play it’s an easy target as they do not buckle. We are not responsible for lost or chewed flea collars.

We ask that all daycare clients leave a card on file or pay at drop-off.

Grooming must be scheduled along with daycare dates if you are wanting your pet groomed.

Things to know about daycare:

  • The pack can play rough at times

  • Your pet may get scratched as dogs play with their mouth and paws. We do not tolerate dogs that fight, but they do spar and wrestle.

  • Your pet will go home tired and possibly thirsty. We offer water indoors and outdoors, but some dogs are still very thirsty when they leave.

  • We play in all weather and sometimes your pet will be dirty or damp at pick up.

  • Just like a child's daycare your pet may pick up germs or other ailments associated with pack play such as an eye infection, parasite, kennel cough (different strains then what the vet has vaccinated your pet), sore muscles, torn muscles, scraped pads, cracked nails. We will not be held responsible for these sort of ailments as it's a known risk of having your pet play in a pack setting.

  • We take every precaution to keep a safe environment but that is not 100% effective at times.

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If this is your first time at Woofie Joe's please do not book online. We will need to have your pet come in for an assessment to ensure that they are a good fit for our establishment.
Please call us to make an appointment. 812-853-9352

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Regular Attenders

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